Spain publishes file archive…

Spain publishes file archive tool as open source

Published on: 13/04/2016

Spain’s Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations has published Archive as open source. This web-based solution creates archives of electronic files that are stored in compliance with the country’s eGovernment and interoperability regulations.

Government LogoBy using Archive, each administration can implement its own policy. This is in accordance with Spain's interoperability regulations, on the design of ‘policy models for the management of electronic documents’.

In this way, Archive helps public administrations to manage archives of records and files. The solution also lets users manage metadata and keeps tabs on ownership changes, and can be used for file transfers.

Development of Archive began in November 2015 at SARA, Spain’s government cloud-computing platform.

Record management

In February, the first version of Archive was published under the European Union’s public software licence, EUPL. This version includes features offered in SARA’s cloud-version. In a statement, the ministry explains that the service will evolve over time, and that new versions of Archive will be made available.

The software can be downloaded from Spain’s eGovernment portal CTT. The portal asks for contact information before downloading, to get an idea of who is using the solution.


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