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Carlos III University of Madrid
Academia/Scientific organisation

This software package provides an Object Oriented BioAPI using C# language. The API has been implemented according to ISO/IEC 30106-1 and -3 standards. All interfaces needed for developing biometric applications, conforming to OOBioAPI, have been defined in this reference implementation.

Press Note:

Open Source Reference Implementations for Object Oriented BioAPI

After the complete definition of BioAPI 2.0, standardized under ISO/IEC 19784-1, Purdue University (, USA) and Carlos III University of Madrid (, Spain) worked in developing open source reference implementations of BioAPI 2.0 in object oriented languages.

Purdue University has developed a reference implementation in Java, available at Carlos III University of Madrid has also developed a reference implementation in Java for Android smartphones, available at XXXXXXX.

Carlos III University of Madrid has developed a reference implementation in C# (for .NET based developments). This is available under LGPL licence at, to be included into any product, either open source or proprietary.

All members of the Biometrics community are invited to participate in the use and improvement of these two platforms, providing all desired feedback using the tools available at the two open source forges mentioned above.

Both institutions have offered this work to build the new multipart standard ISO/IEC 30106 (currently under drafting process). Comments and contributions to this work can also be sent via the National Standardization Body of each developer willing to contribute.

v1.0-Beta 4
Release date: 28/11/2013

bioapicsharp 1.0-Beta 4

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1.0-Beta 4
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