stork 1.0-Moodle connector 1.0-Moodle connector

11 years ago

The STORK Moodle components have been developed to support STORK eID authentication with the popular course management software „Moodle (”. It consists of an „eID connector“ (linking to the STORK infrastructure), a “Moodle authentication plugin” (linking to Moodle authentication), and an extension of the Moodle Chat module (to restrict chats to certain age ranges).
The package consists of the following top-level directories (see section 2.1 of the documentation for details):
·         Deployment: Folder containing files needed for deployment with Apache Tomcat.
·         Doc: The documentation
·         Moodle-eID-Connector: The complete Moodle eID Connector Java project.
·         Sample: Folder that contains a sample Tomcat instance with deployed and configured Moodle eID Connector.