DCAT-AP 2.1.1

Latest release
6 months ago

This page describes version 2.1.1 of the DCAT-AP, which is the latest release of the DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP).

What has been fixed?

  • DCAT-AP-227: update of the readme link
  • DCAT-AP-226: fix to the cardinality dcat:dataset in UML model figure
  • DCAT-AP-222: fix of typo in RDF representation
  • DCAT-AP-216: fix to the SHACL expressions: sh:property should not be empty.

The guidelines on identifiers usage is not part of this bugfix release. It can be discussed via the issue on GitHub

A complete list of the issues and their resolution can be found on the DCAT-AP GitHub.

In July 2022, the Interoperable Europe Programme of the European Commission started the minor release cycle for DCAT-AP aiming to address requests for change received by users through the GitHub repository. DCAT-AP Working Group members and users were invited to share their comments by the 15th of August 2022.


The DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP) is a specification based on W3C's Data Catalogue vocabulary (DCAT) for describing public sector datasets in Europe. Its basic use case is to enable a cross-data portal search for datasets and make public sector data better searchable across borders and sectors. This can be achieved by the exchange of descriptions of data sets among data portals.

The specification of the DCAT-AP was a joint initiative of DG CONNECT, the EU Publications Office and the Interoperable Europe Programme. The specification was elaborated by a multi-disciplinary Working Group with representatives from 16 European Member States, some European Institutions and the US.