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Releases for GeoDCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe solution

  1. 1.0.1
    Latest release

    GeoDCAT-AP 1.0.1

    Published on: 02/08/2016 Last update: 09/04/2024
    GeoDCAT-AP is an extension of DCAT-AP for describing geospatial datasets, dataset series, and services. It provides an RDF syntax binding for the union of metadata elements... Read full release note


  2. 1.0

    GeoDCAT-AP 1.0

    Published on: 23/12/2015 Last update: 09/04/2024
    Published GeoDCAT-AP v1.0.1 GeoDCAT-AP v1.0 has been amended with respect to the original one (v1.0) in order to correct a typo concerning the URIs of the code lists of t... Read full release note