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The Centre of Technology Transfer (CTT) publishes a comprehensive directory of applications and / or solutions which aims to encourage the reuse of solutions for all levels of government. This site informs projects, initiatives, services, standards and solutions that are being developed in eGovernment. It is linked with Joinup.

The concept of “solution” in the CTT may refer to many different cases:

•          ICT Developments implemented by public administrations whose source code and related information is offered to other administrations.

•          Common services, which are one of the key aspects of our concept of reuse. These services are available for any public administration, generally for free, with the aim to simplify e-government implementation of new services and foster interoperability. In this way, Public Administrations don’t have to install, support and maintain the service. They just can use or integrate it.

•          Semantic Assets such as defined data models, interfaces and code lists are also very important and of course reusable.

•          And finally recommendations, policies, methodologies, etc.

In practice a solution is a group of descriptive information pages, downloadable documents and files, latest news, related links, and last, but not least important, other related solutions.

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