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Intelligent Integration of Railway Systems

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Published on: 03/06/2009 Document Archived

InteGRail created the basis for a holistic, coherent information system, integrating the major European railway sub-systems, in order to achieve higher levels of performance of the railway system in terms of capacity, average speed and punctuality, safety and the optimised usage of resources.
Building on results achieved by previous projects, InteGRail proposed new intelligent procedures and contributed to the definition of new standards.
InteGRail produced two types of results:

A) The Reference Technology Platform: The Reference Technology Platform is an open specification and input for standardisation

B) A number of Application Prototypes: The Application Prototypes show how InteGRail can work in the real railway world, in a business oriented context

The expectactions of this project are to develop a common platform for information sharing in the railways (key aspects: Service Oriented Architecture, Ontology based data model) To develop examples and prototypes of information sharing functions, showing possible improvements in railway processes And to demonstrate selected information sharing functions, based on real business cases.

More information can be found on the InteGRail web portal.

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