CAMSS Launches a Call-for-Participation for “CAMSS as a Service”

CAMSS Team Launches a Call-for-Participation for the Solution “CAMSS as a Service”

Published on: 28/06/2022

CAMSSThe objective of “CAMSS as a Service” (CAMSSaaS) is the establishment of a service that provides users with assessments of ICT technical specifications through the use of the CAMSS (The Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications) Assessment EIF Scenario.

This can you help you make better use of open-source solutions and/or open standards when procuring solutions to (re)build ICT systems in your Member State!

Concretely, with CAMSSaaS the team will:

  • Assess the compliance of the proposed specification or standard with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).
  • Provide an Assessment Summary and engage with you to analyse the results.
  • Provide you the opportunity to show your level of satisfaction with the service.

Are you a Member State authority planning to procure a solution to (re)build ICT systems in your organisation? Fill in the CAMSSaaS Service Request Form to participate in this initiative!

For more information, please visit our Joinup Community at: or contact the CAMSS team through the following email: