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Updated IMAPS-courses for better Interoperable public services

Published on: 25/03/2022
Last update: 28/03/2022
Updated IMAPS modules for better interoperable public services

The Interoperable Europe Academy has released updated versions of the IMAPS eLearning modules for public administrations. In two times less than an hour, you learn how to optimise the interoperability level of your digital public services.  

The first module (‘Introduction to IMAPS’) provides users an introduction to the IMAPS solution and the European Interoperability Framework. With this knowledge in mind, you will learn the basic knowledge of IMAPS in order to start assessing your digital public services. You will equally get acquainted with a number of success stories on how IMAPS improved the interoperability of real digital public services. 

The second module (‘IMAPS in practice’) introduces you to a concrete case of a digital public service in order to acquire more experience on how the IMAPS assessment works in practice. More specifically, it explains how to select a suitable digital public service for the IMAPS assessment, and how to use the questionnaire to optimise the interoperability score of your public services. 

Both courses are meant for users in public administrations, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience in using IMAPS. However, it is generally recommended to have taken the first module in order to start with the second module. 

Click on the links above to have more info on both modules and to enrol.

Other interesting learning modules can be found on the website of the Interoperable Europe Academy.

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