Official expert recommendations for a new Interoperability Policy

Expert recommendations for the next EU Interoperability Policy: official version published

Published on: 13/05/2022
Expert-group recommendations Interoperable Europe policy

The Expert group on the Interoperability of European Public Services came together and formulated 27 recommendations to strengthen the interoperability of public administrations across the EU. These recommendations are one of the cornerstones for the upcoming European Commission policy proposal “Interoperable Europe Act”. 

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The recommendations aim to establish a more structured and pragmatic cooperation, both between Member States at a horizontal level, and between different European services and policies at a vertical level. They enable the smooth, interoperable implementation and delivery of digital public services at European level without adding new obligations on the Member States, and help to increase overall digital maturity. 

The recommendations are centered around three main themes:  

  • A  re-enforcement of the European cooperation on interoperability via a governance structure co-owned by the Member States and the Commission 
  • Making sure upcoming policies and European legislation are interoperable and digital-ready by default 
  • Upgrading the available inventory of EU interoperable solutions  

In the coming months, the Commission will publish a proposal for a reinforced interoperability policy in which these recommendations will be expressed.  

European Commissioner Johannes Hahn (Budget and Administration): “These recommendations, which reflect the actual needs of the EU Member States, are our lighthouse when developing a common digital public sector policy – for and with all layers of government – which contributes to a Europe fit for the digital age. I now look forward to translating these recommendations into concrete actions.” 

Recommendations adopted unanimously 

The Expert Group on the Interoperability of European Public Services was set up by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Informatics in February 2020. Its members consist of representatives of the national public administrations of the European Member States responsible for the digital transformation of the State. 

The recommendations were already adopted unanimously by the member states on the 5th of October 2021. The new document presented here is the official version.