logoApplication of EU law: provision of cross-sector communication and problem solving tools

When is this initiative of interest to you? 

You, the Commission or a central government, are interested in reducing extra manual data encoding. This initiative, supporting the application of EU law, allows you to transmit data directly from your back-office systems to the EC according to the principles of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).

What is this initiative about? 

Managing the application of the legislation framework set by the EU involves both the European Commission and the Member States working in close partnership. Member States are responsible for the timely and correct application of EU law while the Commission's responsibility is to ensure that EU law is applied consistently across Member States.

The objective of this initiative supporting the application of EU-Law is to implement the following services aiming at the exchange of information between Member States and the Commission during the phase of implementation of European legislation and in case of infringement proceedings:

  • notification of national measures of execution for the transposition of directives;
  • correspondence between the Commission and the Member States before launching an infringement  procedure (EU Pilot);
  • communication of replies and requests for prolongation of the deadlines to infringement decisions.

All services will be integrated into the future THEMIS system as a common external module. The system will manage the process of implementation and monitoring of EU-Law end-to-end.

What are the objectives? 

These services will be strongly integrated to ensure a consistent and reliable workflow.

The common external module for THEMIS will be an Administration to Administration system (A2A). It will cover the following services:

  • THEMIS / MNE (National Measures of Execution) will handle electronic notifications for transposing measures of EU legislation. These notifications are provided to the Commission by the Member States;
  • THEMIS / Infringements (Infringements Management) will support the exchange of information/notifications on official infringement documents between all Member States and the Commission;
  • THEMIS / EU-Pilot will facilitate communication between the Commission and a Member State, in the pre-infringement phase. It will enhance problem solving efficiency and information exchange.

What are the benefits?

  • Secure and rapid transmission of confidential data
  • Avoid double encoding
  • Administrative simplification, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Efficient IT development and evolution based on the re-use of existing building blocks, flexibility, scalability, adaptability to legislation change
  • Transparency and openness through efficient interoperability with other related IT systems
  • Improved data quality and searchability

What has been already achieved? 

  • Detailed formal analysis of the new business services and the proof-of-concept prototype for the core infrastructure of the system
  • The first version of THEMIS, which implements the module related to the MDH (mise en demeure par habilitation) is complete 
  • The second version of THEMIS/Infringements, which implements the management of directives and national measures of execution is ready to go through acceptance and testing
  • The second phase of THEMIS/Infringements, which implements the module related to the management of infringements, is currently in development

What are the next steps?

The next milestone ahead is the roll-out of the THEMIS/Infringeents module, which is scheduled for early 2020. The preparation comprises an offering of complete training (including on-site training for Comission's users of the application), a testing period open for Member States' and Commission's users of the application and additional workshops to demonstrate the application. 

Once this module is operational, the team will continue working on this initiatives by starting the construction of the THEMIS/Complaints module of THEMIS.

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