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Konstantina Kyriakopoulou

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Last update: 15/12/2021

The Dutch Governmental Reference Architecture (NORA)

Description What are the benefits of fostering interoperability within the country? One of the main objectives of the Netherlands in promoting interoperability is to facilitate the sharing of...
Last activity: 21/10/2021, 10:27

The new version of the EIF Toolbox is going live on 21/10/2021!

Last update: 13/02/2024

New features added to the EIF Toolbox!

Last activity: 13/10/2021, 18:49

The Norwegian Interoperability Framework (NIF)

Last activity: 13/10/2021, 14:35

Integrated Public Service Provision – The central solutions of Hungary

Last update: 12/01/2022

Underlying Principle 6: User centricity

Users’ needs should be considered when determining which public services should be provided and how they should be delivered in accordance with the following expectations: (1). A multi-channel service...
Last activity: 13/10/2021, 07:49

The use of law and the provision of multilingualism to foster the EIF implementation in Finland

Last activity: 13/10/2021, 07:42

The implementation of the Czech central interoperability governance mechanism

Last activity: 13/10/2021, 07:44

The National Interoperability Framework of Spain (ENI)

Last update: 21/10/2021

Resources for sharing your datasets with CMISA

Please find below a set of resources that allow interested websites to effortlessly share their datasets on the Collaborative Mapping of innovation supporting actors (CMISA) online demonstrator...
Last update: 23/07/2021

Sending your dataset to CMISA? We got you covered!

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Last update: 14/12/2021

Official Release of CMISA solution

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