Resources for sharing your datasets with CMISA

Please find below a set of resources that allow interested websites to effortlessly share their datasets on the Collaborative Mapping of innovation supporting actors (CMISA) online demonstrator website.

By using these resources you ensure that that the:

  • datasets shared by your website are aligned with the system's requirement and with similar datasets offered by other websites, facilitating their reuse.
  • data are shared in a secure way


List of elements to be consulted prior to sending your dataset to CMISA

  Resource Purpose Link
'.' CMISA Common Data Model It represents a robust semantic model that promotes Innovation Supporting Actors by facilitating data exchange, sharing and publishing of data. Release 1.01 of the Data Model
'.' Information on how to build the JSON file It provides information on the usage of controlled vocabularies in order to build the json file. Information on JSON
'.' Aggregators Manual for API It is a complete guide that outlines specific steps that aggregators should follow in order to import their data to the central database via a CMISA API. Aggregators Manual for API
'.' JSON template It is a dummy payload which provides the necessary json structure that your data should respect when sharing them with CMISA. JSON template