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Last update: 13/02/2024

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Last update: 26/07/2019

Recommended measures for central bodies

10. Share your solution by default and explain any decision not to share Supporting instruments The below list represents a set of recommended measures grouped for your convenience. You are invited to...
Last update: 23/05/2018


Change management process [1] I. P. European Commission, “The S&R Framework” [Online] [2] IDABC Programme, “CAMSS Assessment Criteria” 4 June 2012. [Online] [Accessed 27 November 2014]. [3] The...
Last update: 23/05/2018

3. Change management process

Governance mechanism References The process of managing the SRF includes the processes for managing changes to the SRF, managing the preparation of releases of the SRF, and managing the process of...
Last update: 23/05/2018

2. Governance mechanism

Introduction Change management process The governance mechanism is designed to implement the open change management process in order to achieve a controlled change of the SRF. 2.1 Governance structure...
Last update: 23/05/2018

1. Introduction

Governance mechanism The Sharing and Reuse Action of the ISA2 Programme of the European Commission, aims at supporting and enabling public administrations to share and reuse IT solutions in order to...
Last update: 23/05/2018

Change management methodology and process for the SRF

The below document represents the Change management methodology and process for the Sharing and Reuse Framework for IT solutions. You are invited to propose changes such as new instruments or measure...
Last update: 26/05/2021

Access to Base Registries

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