ABR Guidelines on interconnection


The Guidelines for Successful Base Registry Interconnection consist of recommendations to improve access and interconnection of authentic sources of information in all four layers of the European Interoperability Framework. Specific and concrete actions are described to guide the user in enhancing access and interconnection of base registries. Furthermore, the Guidelines make reference to reusable solutions included in the Catalogue of Reusable Solutions.


The guidelines were compiled based on best pratices at national and EU level identified during the fieldwork. Considering the insights and lessons learnt with regard to success factors and obstacles faced, recommendations and “how-to” guidelines related to access and interconnection of base registries were brought together for each of the four EIF layers. Complementarily, desk research was carried out to strenghten the recommendations with state-of-the-art literature. Finally, a selection of real-life examples and reusable solutions were included in the guidelines to illustrate how public bodies responsible for managing basic data are interconnecting base registries and overcoming challenges they were eventually confronted with during such process.

Process ABR guidelines