BRAIF - Framework - Your opinion on Data and Technical Architecture


The Framework on Access to Base Registries (BRAIF) and Interconnections aims to provide guidance to Member States on how to grant access to the data in Base Registries and how to interconnect them.

Technical Architecture

Technical architecture

  • A service-oriented architecture is composed of services that are self-contained and independent from the context or state of the other services they communicate to;
  • Modular, loosely coupled service components, and interconnected through an infrastructure layer




Data Architecture

The main goals of data architecture in the realm of the access and the interconnection of base registries are:

  • The identification of entities and attributes required to manage the information within the organisation
  • The definition of processes related to acquisition, transformation, enrichment, publication and storage of data
  • The provision of data exchanges with both data suppliers and consumers.


1. How the tools and systems, that base registries currently use in your country, are interconnected? Do you have plans on how better integrate them with each other?

2. What kind of data do you have, and where does it come from?

3. How complex is the data acquisition process?

What's your opinion on these topics? Please share your comments with us !

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