Updated version of BRAIF is released !

Base Registries Access and Interconnection Framework - BRAIF - v3.00

Published on: 09/12/2020

Base Registries Access and Interconnection Framework aims to guide Member States on the creation of an ecosystem of interconnected base registries which exchange data and, therefore, facilitate the set up of integrated public services.

    In the context of the European Strategy for Data, BRAIF supports its implementation by provision to Member States of a set of good practices in the area of base registries interconnection, allowing secure cross-border sharing of data, and establishing a base for the future European Registry of Base Registries.

    The current state of Base Registries in Member States indicates they are in different phases of maturity, hindering, thus, their ability to implement any common data framework.

    The purpose of BRAIF is to help overcome the barriers which can hinder the process for reforming the state of Base Registries in Member States.

    BRAIF provides detailed guidance to public administrations on what elements should be present in an optimal scenario in their base registries and registry of registries, and for the implementation of cross-border access and interconnection of Base Registries.

    It is recommended to read the whole document and find those examples and recommendations which will be the most efficient in the country in question.


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