ABR WG Highlights - June

ABR WG Meeting Highlights - 17/06/19

Published on: 01/07/2019
Last update: 10/09/2019

Introductions around the table. 

The 1.5h meeting had about thirty participants, representatives from the EU Member States, the EC, and semantic experts from such countries as Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain.

Highlights from the discussion on the open issues:

Issue #1: Content of a Base Registry: Datasets, Data Services, other resources?

  • Discussion about the need to describe datasets (as an envelope) and the information they hold (content). 
  • Consensus on the usage of DCAT2 proposal based on Resources -> Datasets/DataServices
  • The proposal of using DataElement is complementary so it is kept in mind. The only thing we need to do is linking DCAT2 with Bart’s proposal.
  • Marco mentioned SDMX and how the Data Cube Vocabulary deals with the description of data content.

Issue #2: property 'isAuthoritative' for datasets

  • Definitely, this property is interesting for all the working group members. 
  • isAuthoritative (boolean) property 

Issue #3: Description of a Registry Service

  • A 'Registry Service’ is just a ‘Public Service’ (from CPSV)
  • HasCompetentAuthority must have 1..n of cardinality.

Issue #4: Subject of Datasets

  • Presented the Thematic NAL for datasets -> Useful to be aligned with the European Data Portal and others
  • Consensus on using Eurovoc at any level to describe the dataset content.

Issue #5: Content of Datasets (DataElement)

  • Marco mentioned that we should consider the name of the Class, ‘Data Element’ has a different meaning in existing standards.

Issue #6: Quality of Datasets

  • Interest in quality of data. 
  • No specific requirements yet. 

Issue #7: Legal Basis of the Services, Registries and Resources?

  • Commented that the existing model is based on the CPSV and ELI. 
  • Nothing re-invented. We keep this model since we look for use cases.
  • Ana Rosa mentioned they would use these legal references, but up to date, the information is just in natural text.

Next steps:

  • Next light meeting on the 11th of July.
  • Meeting proposal to be sent, together with agenda on issues to be discussed.

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