Save the date - WG - 24 Oct

Save the date - WG - 24 Oct

Published on: 14/10/2019

The members of ABR working group, as well as any interested individuals, are invited to join the virtual meeting on the progress on the draft of Specification for Registry of Registries that will be held on 24th of October, 14.30 - 15.30 CEST. 


  • Introduction
  • Open issues and progress on the draft of the specification of registry of registries
  • Next steps
  • Q&A

During the meeting, the latest version of BRegDCAT-AP, document v0.09, will be presented.

We will use the opportunity of this meeting to discuss several proposals to solve the issues under discussion, namely:

[Issue #06] Quality of Datasets

There were no objections to including the standard mechanism to specify quality of data through W3C Data Quality Vocabulary. So, quality annotations may be done using dqv:hasQualityAnnotation and dqv:hasQualityMeasurement. These optional properties are reflected in the specification, but no examples of usage and recommendations yet.

[Issue #05] Structure of Datasets

Datasets may have subsets of data, dct:hasPart and dct:isPartOf enable breaking down dcat:Datasets into lower-level dcat:Datasets.

Apart from this, datasets may have an internal structure (parametres, fields, measures) we need to represent. This may be done through the W3C Data Cube Vocabulary. These classes and properties have been included in the document.

For instance:

eg:driversDataset a dcat:Dataset;
    qb:structure eg:myDatasetDefinition .

eg:myDatasetDefinition a qb:DataStructureDefinition;
    rdfs:comment "personal data about drivers"@en;
    # The measure(s)
        [ qb:measure eg:sex],
        [ qb:measure eg:age],
        [ qb:measure eg:passport],
        [ qb:measure eg:firstName],
        [ qb:measure eg:lastName].

[Issue #02] property 'isAuthoritative' for datasets (and their components)

There is a standard mechanism to define authoritativeness in a flexible but accurate way that seems to cover all the potential implementations. Through the W3C DQV help us to indicate that quality of the data.

For instance:

:myDataset a dcat:Dataset ;
  dqv:hasQualityAnnotation isa:isAuthoritative .

This also may be used in the components that defines the structure of datasets:

eg:myDatasetDefinition a qb:DataStructureDefinition;
     qb:measure eg:sex,
     dqv:hasQualityAnnotation isa:isAuthoritative.

Since, at EU level, we may want to refer to the same concept of 'authoritativeness', an instance (e.g., isa:isAuthoritative) should be defined like this:

isa:isAuthoritative a dqv:QualityCertificate ;
   skos:prefLabel ”Data is proceeding from an official source in Europe"@en ;
   skos:definition "Dataset maintained by an EU Member State… ."@en .
 oa:motivatedBy dqv:qualityAssessment ;
 dqv:inDimension ldqd:trustworthiness .


We are warmly inviting you to read the updated version of the document v0.09, and share your opinion with us via Comments below or sending them to our email address:

Please feel free to share the meeting details with colleagues interested in the topic.

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Wed, 23/10/2019 - 13:40

formal issues on the current PDF 0.09:

issues seem to be linked to the way the pdf is created out of the doc:

1. Links are not working (line breaks do break the link) e.g. page 44 vocabulary URIs

2. table of content page numbers not clickable

3. Title of pdf document is Microsoft Word - SC157_D02.01

4.  first text on initial page "`European Commission" instead of "European Commission"

content issues:

4. Acknowledgement section missing

5. dct:license usage note: (well should be perhaps corrected in the underlying dcat-ap first)

This vocabulary must be used in case the licence of a distribution is internationally recognised is included in the EU Publications Office NAL.


Tue, 29/10/2019 - 14:32

Thank you very much for your input. These comments and changes will be included in the next version of the document.