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The EC Joint Research Centre shares its knowledge on APIs and their adoption in organisations.
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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the connecting nodes of the digital society, thus a foundational component of its digital transformation. The vast majority of data exchange and transactions in the digital era happen through APIs.

APIs are strategic components of platform environments and its role can be crucial in the governance and monitoring of such environments. They are also key for the uptake of AI and IoT applications. On the other hand, APIs are a serious cybersecurity concern, as they are vulnerable points in digital infrastructures.

The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered global vulnerabilities related to data availability, accessibility and information flows. In crisis situations, it is critical to have timely access to relevant data and appropriate digital communication channels to interact with citizens, community groups, and businesses to provide services, inform the public, and engage with communities. In such circumstances, APIs can satisfy the hyper-connectivity demand thanks to their technical and organizational flexibility and also their scalability potential.

The European Commission understands the key role that APIs play in the digital sphere, and it is gaining deep understanding aspects of its adoption in organizations. This JoinUp collection presents a series of outputs that investigate on these aspects. 

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Last update: 19/04/2023


Business and competitionCollaboration+4 topics
Virtual event

APIs for High-Value Datasets to create High Value Ecosystems for Citizens and Businesses

European Policies
Last update: 30/11/2022

API strategy essentials for Public Sector Innovation: Legal and organisational perspective

Last update: 30/11/2022

API strategy essentials for Public Sector Innovation: Technical perspective

ICTCollaboration+3 topics
Last update: 30/11/2022

Application Programming Interfaces strategy essentials for public sector innovation

ICTCollaboration+2 topics
Last update: 08/09/2022


eIdentity and eSignatureICT+3 topics
Last update: 20/02/2024

First regulatory sandbox on Artificial Intelligence presented

LegalArtificial intelligence
Last update: 13/02/2024

Self-assessment of API adoption in government

Last update: 13/04/2021

API framework implemented by Finland

Last update: 12/04/2021

APIs for Governments: why, what and how (10/12/2020)

Content and knowledge managementScience and technology+2 topics
Last update: 25/09/2023

Second workshop on API technical essentials (27/10/2020)

ICTStandardisation+5 topics

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