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This collection provides information on CMISA, a common data model for exchanging data on innovation between various European and national websites.
European Commission - DG GROW
Supra-national authority
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Szabolcs Szekacs

Several websites provide information for SMEs on innovation supporting actors, with the aim to strengthen innovation and industrial competitiveness across all Europe’s regions. Interested users (public administrations, businesses) can get information on innovation facilities and innovation support actors using a multitude of platforms, such as the Digital Innovation Hubs, the Key Enabling Technology Centres, the European Network for Pilot Production Facilities and Innovation Hubs, or the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernisation.

Currently, each of these websites provides only fragmented information. Hence, companies, cluster organizations, or local, regional or national authorities need to visit multiple EU information websites to get a comprehensive overview on how to get access to advanced technologies, testing facilities, support actors, or potential partnerships in Europe. 

The project aims at developing a common interoperable model to be used among participating EU-financed websites to exchange information with each other. It also plans to develop a central website with a mapping tool, which can be used by end-users to look for innovation facilities and supporting actors.


Benefits of providing your datasets to CMISA



For Partner Websites


For Data Providers

  • More visibility
  • Better service for your data providers
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • No need to provide your data to multiple projects
  • More visibility
  • Drive traffic to your website



Benefits of re-using your datasets





  • Easier to find the needed service
  • No need to go to dozens of websites
  • Ability to analyse the datasets from one source


  • Create a richer experience for your users with minimum extra effort


Last update: 13/02/2024

CMISA - Common Data Model on Innovation Supporting Actors

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