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Controlled Vocabularies on Actors, Technology, Sector - v1.00

Published on: 30/07/2020

CMISA team is pleased to announce that controlled vocabularies to be used within the scope of the related Common Data Model have been proposed in Annex 2 and are now available on this page.

The CMISA data model includes several properties that take values from predefined code lists (controlled vocabularies). The controlled vocabularies and the associated properties are described in Section 4, of the Common Data Model available here.

The Annex 2 includes all vocabularies proposed to be used with the aforementioned properties. This association of properties with the controlled vocabularies is explained in the Usage sheet of Annex 2.

Proposed Controlled Vocabularies

For Actors, the following controlled vocabularies have been identified:

1. A vocabulary that describes whether the entity is a direct Actor, or not. Non-direct actors can be used to describe organisations which are not innovation supporting actors themselves, such as the parent organisations of Actors;

2. A vocabulary that provides more generic categories as a multilevel list with top categories:

  • Research, Applied research supporting actors
  • Industry, Business associations
  • Educational actors
  • Investors
  • Public authorities
  • Other

Vocabularies #1 and #2 are aimed to be used for the property org:classification in the Actor class, providing general information about the type of the Actor. This information is provided at Actor level and may be different for each Actor. Since Vocabulary #2 is quite crucial and there was no thorough review by the project stakeholders, this vocabulary may be revised later in the project, based on practical experiences with the datasets, starting December 2020.

For Technology, the International Patent Classification (IPC) taxonomy is proposed. Based on the analysis, the IPC taxonomy is the most inclusive (but quite complex), and it is actively maintained by an external organisation (WIPO).

The IPC vocabulary can be used for the values of the property dct:type of the Technology class. In case aggregators do not want to use it (due to its complexity), they can still provide their technology descriptions as literal values (keywords of the dct:title or dct:description properties).

For Technology Readiness Level, TRL classification used by H2020 is proposed.

For Sector, the NACE codes are proposed.

Next Steps

The RDF serialisation of the model with data examples is planned to be published on Joinup by the end of August.

Should you have any questions and comments, please feel free to join CMISA Collection and comment at the bottom of the page via ‘Create Comment’ field.

Stay Tuned !


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