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About the Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications (CAMSS)

CAMSS is the European guide for assessing and selecting standards and specifications for an eGovernment project, a reference when building an architecture and an enabler for justifying the choice of standards and specifications in terms of interoperability needs and requirements. It is fully aligned with the European Standardisation Regulation 1025/2012.

European Library of Architecture Principles (ELAP)

The European Library of Architecture Principles (ELAP) is intended to direct government organizations in initiating changes and implementing IT projects. Particularly when designing new or modified services, it is necessary to make visible how the principles are implemented and which considerations are made in this regard. The apply-or-explain principle applies here, whereby deviations are permitted provided that they are substantiated and recorded with good arguments so that they can be revisited at a later stage. This prevents important matters from being overlooked.

The principles are described in relation to relevant policy frameworks, established standards, building blocks and examples that are already available, so that they are as recognisable as possible in practice.

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