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DSS 4.4.RC1 has been released

DSS 4.4.RC1 has been released

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Published on: 07/03/2015 Last update: 04/10/2017 News Archived

Change in the team

Starting after DSS 4.3.0, support is now provided under the CEF programme ( as the CEF eSignature Building Block. The following changes have been made to the project organization:

1) Source code is now located at Don’t forget to update your local git repository with "git remote set-url origin". Contributions can be proposed at

2) The artefacts will be published on both Joinup DSS project page and Joinup Maven repository

3) Issues, bugs or feature requests can be submitted at

More information on


This release is a "Release Candidate". The main improvements are :

  • Effort on testing
  • PDF Visible Signature
  • Integration of Cookbook


The release and its release note can be found on