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Launch of platform celebrated in Brussels

Launch of platform ce…

Published on: 25/06/2008 Last update: 04/10/2017 News Archived

National representatives, European Commission officials and Stakeholders gathered on June 18 in Brussels to celebrate the launch of the new Open Source Observatory Repository at a dedicated event.

Under the auspices of the European Commission’s IDABC Programme, the new OSOR.EU website was launched in the presence of more than 40 stakeholders, thus inaugurating the exchange of information, experiences and FLOSS-based code for the use in public administrations through the new platform.

The OSOR admits all free, libre, and open source software that is distributed under licenses that are recognised by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) or the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and code that is released under the European Union Public License (EUPL).

Topics discussed included a detailed presentation of the OSOR.EU platform, repository success stories, and future orientation of the platform.

The bulk of the OSO section on the IDABC portal has been migrated to the OSOR.EU website with older news being added continuously. Please visit the new site under to update your bookmarks and links! The OSO section on the IDABC portal will be deactivated by mid-July.

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