Stay tuned for the updated version of the EIF course!

50 Interoperability experts tested the beta version of the EIF course.

Published on: 02/09/2020
Last update: 21/09/2020

The beta version of the first online course on European Interoperability Framework (EIF) was released on 09/07/20 on the EU Academy platform!

'.' The Interoperability Academy was given access to the demo environment of the EU Academy platform for testing purposes. Testing took place between 13 and 31 July 2020.  

We tested the course live with approximately 50 experts during '.' the Digital Governance and Interoperability curriculum / The Interoperability Academy workshop, at the 10th Samos 2020 Summit and the Government 3.0 Summer School!


                                                        '.'  How?

The EU platform was made accessible to a limited number of people – participants of the Samos Summit and the Government 3.0 Summer School and selected Interoperability Academy stakeholders (e.g. eLearning experts, professors, potential users).

It was important that workshop attendees had a prior understanding of the course structure as well as the look and feel of the eLearning platform in order to actively participate in the workshop and facilitate a more meaningful conversation.


All of the participants were asked to test the course and fill in a Satisfaction survey. We used the comments received from experts to improve both the platform and the training course!

The updated version of the EIF course will be live in Fall 2020. Stay tuned!

For a summary of the discussions that took place during the online workshop, see below                                                              


                                                             Digital Skills in the public sector collection on Joinup.

More information about the Samos Summit event can be found here.