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This free and online training course explains the principles and recommendations to follow for implementing interoperable European digital public services. It is a European Commission course.
European Commission, Directorate-General for Informatics
Supra-national authority

This course will explain you the principles and recommendations to implement interoperable European digital public services.

Follow the e-learning course on EU Academy:


If you manage an eLearning platform, you can also reuse our course by downloading it and include it to your platform. 

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The vision of the Interoperability Academy is to offer high-quality courses and promote reuse of resources. Hence, most of the produced materials will be available here free of charge. 

Each Interoperability Academy course consists of a SCORM or Moodle package, a PDF description of the content and the official logo.

Should you require any additional information about the courses, please do not hesitate to contact us via IOP-Academy(at)

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Please inform us when the course is available on your platform and enjoy the learning!

Of course, if you do not have your eLearning platform we encourage you to follow all Interoperability Academy courses here

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