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Harmony eDelivery Access is an open-source solution for secure data exchange across EU borders, linking regions and municipalities. It offers a unified technology stack and ensures security through third-party assessments. It is a NIIS solution.
Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS)
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Harmony eDelivery Access by Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) is a free and actively maintained open-source component for joining one or more eDelivery policy domains. Harmony will benefit your organisation not only for the exchange of data across national borders, but also how it can link up different regions, municipalities, etc. across EU Member States.

Harmony eDelivery Access provides a unified technology stack, an automated installation and upgrade process for selected platforms, and step-by-step installation and upgrade instructions. The security of Harmony eDelivery Access is assured by a third-party security assessment. When implemented, Harmony eDelivery Access enables you to exchange data in a standardised, reliable, secure, and trusted manner in the implementation model appropriate for your organisational needs.

Harmony eDelivery Access assumes the most typically implemented four-corner network model whereby the organisations’ backend systems do not exchange data directly with each other, but do so through their respective access points. A variety of Harmony eDelivery Access configurations is also possible; a single access point can serve a single organisation (single tenancy), or the access point can serve several organisations and may be connected to one or more policy domains (multi-tenancy).

Harmony eDelivery Access is based on the Domibus and the SMP open source projects by the European Commission.

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