Latest release
1 year ago

This is the second version of the ELI extension for Draft Legislation (ELI-DL).

This version integrates the comments received in the discussion space of ELI-DL here on Joinup and covers the use-cases of parliamentary procedures modeling at the European Parliament.

This version is not backward-compatible with the previous "final1" version on only one area : all properties with name starting with "legislative_process_xxxx" are renamed to "process_xxxx", and classes starting with "LegislativeProcessXxxx" are renamed to "ProcessXxxxx".

This version relies on ELI ontology 1.4.

The most significant changes in this version are :

  • Introduction of generic Activity and Process classes, super-classes of LegislativeActivity and LegislativeProcess, to capture non-legislative procedures of parliaments. Lot of existing properties have been broaden to these generic classes instead of LegislativeActivity/LegislativeProcess.
  • Introduction of the notions of activity type, activity id, parliamentary term to further describe activities
  • Introduction of the notion of Participation to capture the role of participants in activities (rapporteur, shadow rapporteur, etc.). Participation also enables to state that another Activity appointed a certain participant.
  • Model the EU Directive Transposition Processes as special kinds of Process, with specific properties : transposition deadline, and foreseen legal resource ;
  • Model the Vote Decisions, with properties to capture the number of voters and links to individual members of parliament that voted in favor, against or abstained.
  • Capture the Foreseen Activities, planned in parliamentary agendas : meetings are first « foreseen » and modelled in Foreseen Activities, and the actual meeting is modeled as an Activity that executed the Foreseen Activity.
  • Introduction of new links between works : a Work can answer another Work (case of questions and answers in parliamentary debates) ; a Work can adopt another Work (the adopted version of a report adopts the proposed version).