EULF Blueprint

The European Union Location Framework Blueprint is a guidance framework for 'location-enabling' digital government. The framework is divided into five focus areas, where a 'current state' assessment and 'future state' vision are outlined, and practical recommendations, 'how to' checklists, and best practice references are provided. To use the guidance, either scan the focus areas that interest you or follow the paths created for specific roles and activities. Please let us know if you have any additional best practices to share or suggestions for improvements to the guidance.


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Policy and strategy alignment

Digital government integration

Standardisation and reuse

Return on investment

Governance, partnerships and capabilities

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Policy Maker

Public Service Owner, Manager and Implementer

ICT Manager and Developer

Data Manager

INSPIRE Data Publisher

Private Sector Product and Service Entrepreneur / Developer

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The EULF Blueprint was initially developed in the European Union Location Framework (EULF) project in the ISA programme. The content has been updated and will be further maintained through the European Location Interoperability Solutions (ELISE) project, which is part of the ISA2 programme.