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EULF Transportation pilot





This section is dedicated to news and activities within the EULF Transportation Pilot.

The EULF pilots are a series of studies in key policy areas, to apply, evaluate and contribute to the EULF.

The EULF Transportation Pilot aims to improve the flow of up-to-date road safety data between road authorities and private sector map providers in different countries, supporting the aims of the Intelligent Transport Systems Directive and drawing on INSPIRE.

It is a collaborative initiative involving the European Commission-Joint Research Centre from its European Union Location Framework (EULF) project, ERTICO’s Transport Network ITS Spatial Data Deployment Platform (TN-ITS), including national road authorities and commercial map providers, and the European Location Framework (ELF) project, including national mapping agencies. Its aim is to promote the use of INSPIRE (European Directive setting the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) within the transport domain, by focusing on the electronic exchange of data among public road authorities and private sector ITS map providers, at a cross-border level, based on authoritative and seamless data compliant with INSPIRE.


Download the Final Report on the Transportation Pilot

The report "Improving accuracy in road safety data exchange for navigations systems" has been published at the end of 2016, and is accessible here.


For an overview of the projects outcomes, see the:

The Transportation Pilot at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux

The 22nd ITS World Congress took place in Bordeaux from 5-9 October 2015, organised in collaboration by ERTICO (ITS Europe) and the European Commission. The topic of this year was “Towards Intelligent Mobility – Better use of Space”. The Conference gathered about 10.000 delegates from all over the world, divided in three geographical regions: Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. It was complemented by an international exhibition gathering major industrial players in the automotive and ITS sector.


EULF Transportation Pilot was present with a presentation on "“INSPIRE as a driver for up-to-date ITS digital maps in Europe – benefit assessment” , during the session "Policies and Platforms" under the topic 7: “Are Big Data and open data transport’s silver bullets?”, and with a dedicated session for project dissemination.

The session on “INSPIRE as a driver for up-to-date ITS digital maps in Europe: the transportation pilot” was moderated by Kees Wevers, TN-ITS president and partner of the pilot. The speakers included the partners of the pilot, describing the results from their peculiar perspectives, as well as an introductory speech from Claire Depré, HoU of the ITS Unit of DG MOVE and talks from representatives from Japan and US.

Link to the presentations is available here:


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The EULF transportation pilot on the web:

EULF Transportation Pilot is First to Test European Location Framework Delivery Platform - See more at:…

EULF Transportation Pilot is First to Test European Location Framework Delivery Platform - See more at:…