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Joinup and the Open Metadata Registry join forces

Joinup and the Open Metadata…

Published on: 27/02/2013 News Archived

Joinup federation of semantic asset repositories and the Open Metadata Registry (OMR) started a cooperation project in February 2013. The cooperation has the ultimate goal of exchanging metadata descriptions of semantic interoperability assets available in both systems.

The cooperation is based on a common objective of both platforms in building services that provide access to semantic assets, including highly reusable xml schemata, code lists, taxonomies, dictionaries, controlled vocabularies and metadata element sets.

The project called “ADMS/OMR project is designed to analyse the top level vocabulary descriptions in OMR in relation to the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS), used by Joinup in its semantic assets catalogue. Thus, we will convert (and converge) metadata of vocabularies in the OMR into ADMS format. In a nutshell this project will follow the steps below:

  1. Identifying relevant semantic interoperability assets (element sets and Value Vocabularies) from OMR (10 semantic assets selected)
  2. Mapping between OMR and ADMS vocabularies.
  3. Describing OMR’s semantic assets in the ADMS RDF format.
  4. Publishing OMR’s federated repository in Joinup so that metadata descriptions of OMR in ADMS RDF format can be imported (for updates) and exported (by any Joinup user).

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