JOINUP - User Group Meeting

JOINUP - User Group Meeting 19/11/20

Published on: 16/12/2020

The Joinup User Group Meeting (UGM) held online on November 19, involved over 40 users from different EU countries. The meeting was an opportunity for the users to get to know the latest and upcoming developments of the Joinup platform and to exchange ideas and practical information. 

The objectives of the meeting were organised around four activities:

  • Communicate and keep stakeholders up-to-date;
  • Gather feedback, requests and understand the needs of stakeholders;
  • Provide support;
  • Identify Requests for Change; 

The meeting was organised by the Joinup Project Team and the Project Managers of the Joinup Action (2016.20) with the following agenda:

  • State of play & 2020 achievements;
  • Understanding your needs – UX audit;
  • The future of Joinup – brainstorming.

The section “The future of Joinup – brainstorming” introduced an interactive session in which the participants provided their feedback for the platform by interacting with a series of boards that addressed specific topics and showed the new potential design of some of the pages of the platform. 

UGM interactive session

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The presentation and the minutes of the meeting are here attached.