Interoperability Initiatives - Italy

This table here below aims at providing an overview of all the initiatives, such as the political communications, guidelines, and legislation, related to interoperability that have been put in place in Italy.


IT National Interoperability Framework


The new framework aims to facilitate the creation of new user-centric and mobile first, digital public services based secure and interoperable REST APIs. It is meant to address both technological and organisational issues, and in particular the outstanding challenge of data sharing among public agencies.

Law No. 108/2021 Cap. II

Year: 2021

It establishes the Delegation Management System (SGD) that favours the system of delegations by subjects holding a digital identity with the aim to facilitate the overcoming of the digital divide among citizens.  It also strengthens the system of databases of national interest and the exchange of information between them through interoperability.

Act No. 627/2021

Year: 2021

Act No. 627/2021  sets out the ‘Guidelines on the technological infrastructure for the National Digital Data Platform for the interoperability of information systems and registries’ (Digital Administration Code, article 50-ter). This Act provides all the technical and organisational framework to support a streamlined mechanism for sharing  and using information between agencies with the goal of providing new digital public services.

New Interoperability Guidelines for Public Administration Bodies

Year: 2020

Circular No. 1 of 9 September 2020 defines the new interoperability guidelines for public administration bodies in line with the EIF model. The guidelines set the technical interoperability that all public administrations have to comply with in order to ensure the interoperability of their systems with third parties and to foster the implementation of the national IT system of the public administration. Particularly, public administrations at all levels shall comply with these technical standards and use patterns and profiles foreseen by this new interoperability model.

Three Year Plan for ICT in the Public Administration

Year: 2019

It is a strategic and economic policy document for all Public Administrations that oversee the digital transformation of the country. The plan defines the fundamental architectural principles, the interoperability rules of national infrastructures, and the cooperation model between different ecosystems and platforms.