Interoperability Initiatives - Ukraine

This table here below aims at providing an overview of all the initiatives, such as the political communications, guidelines, and legislation, related to interoperability that have been put in place in Ukraine.


National Strategy till 2030

Year: 2021

The Digital Economy priority of the National Strategy covers the following sectors: access to the Internet, computerisation of households and social infrastructure objects, interoperability of State information resources, cloud services, cybersecurity, digital identification, open data, cashless payments, digital skills and public eServices. 

Decree No. 357 on Some Issues on Interoperability of State Information Resources

Year: 2018

This decree established procedures for electronic interaction among State electronic information resources. Implementation provisions ensured the efficient use of State information by State entities during service delivery. It established the Registry of Registries (RoR) at legislative level. The RoR should contain information on all State information resources including the owners, master data, data of creation, current status, technical documentation on the specific registry, services for data exchange, etc.

Mapping Report on State Electronic Information Resources. Status and Perspectives

Year: 2017

The report stressed problems on the interconnection of base registries and the lack of proper identifiers (low level of distribution of digital ID numbers among citizens and lack of the identifiers in existing State registries). The report included a list of recommendations for improvements, i.e. readying State registries for their integration into the national interoperability system, distribution of unique registration numbers (UNRs), development and adoption of the law regulating development, functionality and maintenance of State registries, prevention of State registries data fragmentation and duplication, efficiency improvement of IT infrastructure management for State bodies.