ICEGOV 2021 Conference - Using Linked Open Data for automating digital public administration reporting

Published on: 21/01/2022

The NIFO Team is happy to share the short article "Using Linked Open Data for automating digital public administration reporting" that has been nominated at the ICEGOV 2021 - 14th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance.

This paper aims to showcase how the Open Data directive and the Linked Open Data principles have been endorsed by public administrations for the publication and interlinking of public administration reporting data. It focuses on the endeavour of publishing the Digital Public Administration Factsheets, which reflect the most recent developments of public administrations in EU member states, as Linked Open Data to support the European Interoperability Framework principles of openness, transparency, and reusability.

The paper provides a short introduction to Linked Open Data principles for the interested reader and then it mainly focuses on how these principles have been applied for automating digital public administration reporting. It highlights the transformation process of the Digital Public Administration Factsheets from word documents to HTML and RDF formats, using relevant metadata from existing models and vocabularies to annotate key document information and therefore ensure semantic interoperability. The publication of public sector data as Linked Open Data facilitates its reuse and improves transparency towards citizens.

To access the full paper please follow the below link: