Cookbook for translating Data Models to RDF Schemas

Semantic agreements, such as common vocabularies and schemas, are developed through a multi-stage process, typically by a group of people working to solve a common problem. The ISA Programme of the European Commission has created a process and methodology for developing such semantic agreements, based on good practices set by major standardisation organisations, such as W3C.

The outcome of such modelling initiatives usually focuses on a Domain Model (a relational data model) that shows the classes, properties and relationships as this greatly aids human understanding of the information space. Domain Models are typically drawn using UML class diagrams. 

In order to achieve interoperability between two systems that need to seamlessly exchange data, a conceptual Domain Model needs to be implemented in a machine-readable and –understandable format, such as XML or RDF.

This cookbook provides guidance for the person who has the task of translating the Domain Model into an RDF schema.

The cookbook is also available as a powerpoint presentation

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