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The SEMIC Support Centre is the first step on a journey to become an interoperable European administration. In line with the Interoperable Europe Act, the SEMIC community stands for co-creation and sharing best practices. The Support Center is also home to a community of adopters that share tooling, standards and good practices to promote semantic interoperability.  

Who is it for?

Are you a policy officer or a technical expert working on data sharing and reuse? SEMIC and its support centre offers several services that aim to help public administrations share their experience with each other and help each other out in making the single market of data a reality.

In the spotlight: SEMIC Roadshow in Romania

On 9 and 10 March 2023, our colleagues from Romania hosted the SEMIC Team in Bucharest to exchange good practices and learn from each other on various interoperability topics. Find out more about it here.

Roadshow Romania

SEMIC Services

SEMIC's goal is to deliver pragmatic support to help build an interoperable Europe.






 Success stories


The Commission starts the tourism data journey

ERA is convinced by the cost efficiency of LDES

Flanders leads the way with the Datavindplaats

SEMIC supported DG GROW in evaluating the needs from Member States in harmonised semantics for tourism data. More than 80 experts from various tourism activities and European countries to shared their views. Learn more.

The European Railway Agency (ERA) implemented an “alert change” use case based on the SEMIC incubated Linked Data Event Stream (LDES) technology. Before, ERA and its customers struggled to synchronise data about the modifications occurring on the European railway infrastructures. Learn more.

Datavindplaats (the place to find data) is the first initiative in Flanders combining public and private datasets and APIs in one place. Thanks to SEMIC specifications, all metadata have been bridged semantically into the consolidated DCAT (2.0) standard. Learn more.


Third Workshop Wikidata Wikibase

DCAT AP high-value datasets

Workshop personal data spaces


February 2023: SEMIC Roadshow in Estonia. Read the full article on the Roadshow in Estonia here.

March 2023: SEMIC Roadshow in Romania. Read the full article on the Roadshow in Romania here.

roadshow romania

Latest GitHub  

Core Public Organisation Vocabulary


Core Business Vocabulary


Core Person Vocabulary

Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary

Core Public Event Vocabulary

Core Location Vocabulary



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