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Data Spaces

 What are Data Spaces?


The European strategy for data aims at creating a single market for data that will ensure Europe’s global competitiveness and data sovereignty. Common European data spaces will ensure that more data becomes available for use in the economy and society, while keeping the companies and individuals who generate the data in control.

The European Commission supports nine data spaces:

In addition to these, other sectors also present their work as data spaces with recognition from the European Commission. These are:


Data Spaces Implementation - Challenges and Benefits

Not all of the data spaces have the same degree of maturity. They may include fully operational services or data spaces in early stages of implementation. Another dimension is whether the community surrounding a certain data space is already well organised with common standards or if the sector is quite fragmented. 


How can SEMIC support?

Semantic Support: SEMIC provides support and expertise to different data spaces. For example for the Health and Tourism data spaces. 

Report on the synergies of the reuse of SEMIC specifications within these data spaces. For example on the use of DCAT-AP within these data spaces. 



Need support on data spaces or related topics?

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