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Introductory webinar on the revision of GeoDCAT-AP

Published on: 31/01/2024 Last update: 05/03/2024 Event
Intro Webinar Geo

On 20 February 2024 from 10:00 until 12:00 CET the introductory webinar on the revision of GeoDCAT-AP was organised by the SEMIC Team.

GeoDCAT-AP is an extension of DCAT-AP for describing geospatial datasets. It provides an RDF syntax binding for the union of metadata elements defined in the core profile of ISO 19115:2003 and those defined in the framework of the INSPIRE Directive. The goal of this revision and accompanying series of webinars is to align the specification with DCAT-AP 3.0 and its annex, DCAT-AP for HVD, as well as to investigate its relationship and intersection with other semantic standards in order to achieve interoperability.

This first webinar was an introduction on GeoDCAT-AP and the ongoing and planned activities.


The following topics were discussed:

  • State-of-play

  • DCAT-AP 3 and GeoDCAT-AP

    • Datasets, Distributions and Data Services and their relationships

  • Relationship with INSPIRE, GeoDCAT (OGC) and ISO

  • Overview of SEMIC supporting tools for GeoDCAT-AP

  • Presentation of the work plan & timeline

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