Second Webinar on LDES

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Published on: 15/03/2023








On 21 April 2023 a webinar dedicated to the LDES specification will be held.

A Linked Data Event Stream (LDES) is a new data publishing approach which allows you to publish any dataset as a collection of immutable objects. The focus of an LDES is to allow clients to replicate the history of a dataset and efficiently synchronize with its latest changes.

This webinar aims to provide a deeper understanding of LDES to the participants. If you have not participated in the previous webinar it is advised to review the video and slides of the previous event. They can be found here.


  • For participants to understand the LDES specification.
  • For participants to understand how LDES can be useful for them.


Two hours, starting at 09:30 until 11:30 CET on 21/04/2023


  • LDES context
  • LDES use cases
  • LDES specification overview
  • LDES issues



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