Second workshop on Wikidata and Wikibase

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Published on: 02/11/2022

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The second and central workshop took place in Brussels on Thursday 23 February 2023 from 09:00 to 17:00. Physical presence at this workshop was required. It was a hands-on event to help participants ingesting their respective data in Wikidata/Wikibase, following the methodology used for the EU Knowledge Graph and using a sandbox environment set up by the SEMIC team. 

A key decision is to decide when to opt for Wikidata (general knowledge of “universal” scope) and when to go instead for a local Wikibase instance, e.g. for very specific data. Both approaches can of course be combined and are interoperable using external identifiers. The participants had the opportunity to create new items with attached statements, qualifiers and references, but also to create custom properties in Wikibase whenever the need arises.  

Different ingesting options were presented: through the web browser (manual), through OpenRefine (semi-automatic) and through Pywikibot (fully automated). The last was supported by Jupyter notebooks published on GitHub and available through Google Colab, allowing participants to run them from the browsers without installing anything on their laptops. 


  • To acquire hands on experience  with Wikidata and the EU Knowledge Graph methodology.


One day, starting at 9:00 until 17:00 CET on 23/02/2023


Brussels, Belgium



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