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GeoDCAT-AP in Italy, the national guidelines published


Published on: 31/01/2018 Last update: 12/02/2019 News Archived

AgID, the Agency for Digital Italy, published the GeoDCAT-AP implementation guidelines, that can be considered the national extension (named GeoDCAT-AP_IT) of the European specification in order to take into account the Italian extensions to INSPIRE metadata profile and to DCAT-AP.

The document will be the reference specification for the coordination of the national catalogue for spatial data (RNDT) and the national catalogue of open data (, in the context of a wider public sector information infrastructure (see the presentation at INSPIRE Conference 2017).

Actually, the document also defines some organisational rules for PAs in order to avoid the double burden to document the open spatial data in both catalogues (spatial data and open data) and the possible misalignments between the metadata published in the two catalogues.

Indeed, the main rule reads as follows: spatial data (also available as open data) shall be documented ONLY in RNDT (“once only” principle) in according to INSPIRE/RNDT metadata profile; then RNDT will make available the metadata also in through GeoDCAT-AP_IT.

In the coming months, following the forthcoming release of the new version of the RNDT, AgID will plan the development of relevant tools for the implementation of the guidelines, starting from those ones developed within the WG and the ISA programme (XSLT, API, ...).

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