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News from Basque Country: Openness and Reuse of Applications Decree already approved

News from Basque Country: Ope…

Joinup Admin
Published on: 01/08/2012 News Archived

Last July 24th the Openness and Reuse of Applications of Public Administration of Basque Country Decree was approved by Basque Government. I think it's the first European public administration doing so although Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of Spain has already starting to develop a Royal Decree based on Basque Goverment's one.

Now we are working on setting up the Repository of Open Applications of Public Administration of Basque Country, aka Open Apps, using an Open Data-like mechanism or approach. We are working on three catalogs: (1) Kown Repositories of Open Apps to be linked to; (2) Open Apps (similar to the existing Open Data ones); and (3) Reuse Processes of Open Apps. Our approach is general enough to deal with assets and then to make a particular view suitable for applications, data and so on. We'll keep informed you and W3C people too.

Best regards to all JoinUp Community,

Serafin Olcoz

PS: We are working with CENATIC (, CTIC ( and ALDATIC ( on these three catalogs.

City/Location: Vitoria (Basque Country, Spain)