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Core Location Vocabulary 2.0.0 Switch to the latest release

Published on: 20/05/2022 Last update: 15/04/2024

This page describes version 2.0.0 of the Core Location Vocabulary specification, which is the latest release addressing all the comments and recommendations received during the public review period. 

Version 2.0.0 of the Core Location Vocabulary can be downloaded from Github.

Webinars in light of Core Vocabularies version 2.0.0

The SEMIC Action organised a series of webinars allowing the community to exchange and discuss the changes to be made as part of the next major release of the Core Vocabularies:

core vocs 2.0.0 webinars

What’s new?

The following changes have been implemented in Core Location Vocabulary version 2.0.0

About Core Location Vocabulary

The Core Location Vocabulary is a simplified, reusable and extensible data model that captures the fundamental characteristics of a location, represented as an address, a geographic name, or a geometry.

Previous versions

All previous versions of the Core Location Vocabulary are available on Joinup.