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EUSurvey - the flexible and widely accessible solution for:

  • collecting the opinions of stakeholders on a specific issue,
  • rapidly consulting businesses, citizens or other interested parties,
  • conducting user satisfaction surveys,
  • preparing conference registrations,
  • creating multi-lingual surveys,
  • publishing results over the web,


EUSurvey, the new version of IPM, is a multilingual online survey management system built for the creation and publication of surveys and public consultations.

It covers all steps of a survey life cycle, from the design to the launch of the survey to the analysis and publication of results. It offers different types of questions, from simple text and multiple-choice questions to spreadsheet questions or multi-media survey elements. Results can be displayed as histograms, percentages or in full detail and can be exported to different formats and published automatically on a dedicated webpage within the application. It is widely accessible and provides support for either identification or anonymity, depending on survey requirements.  

While EUSurvey covers the functionalities of the IPM system, it also offers additional features and enhancements to improve the usability and attractivity of the application.

Administrations, businesses and private associations are given the opportunity to use the EUSurvey Open Source release for their own needs.

To get more information about the use of EUSurvey, a documentation page is available at


  • Customizable forms
  • Dependent questions
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Modify your form after publication
  • Multi-lingual forms
  • Security
  • Advanced privacy
  • Customize the look and feel
  • Save a contribution as draft
  • Offline answering
  • Automatic numbering
  • Enhanced contrast
  • Uploading supporting files
  • Survey publication
  • Working together
  • Analysing the results
  • Publishing the results
  • Editing submitted contributions  

Future plans

  • Enhanced exportation service
  • Extended administration module
  • Mobile access
  • Quizz oriented surveys
  • Events oriented surveys
  • Notifications

Get involved

For further information or suggestions about EUSurvey, you may contact us at

Public administration reference

EUSurvey is supported by the ISA programme of the European Commission which promotes interoperability, sharing and re-use among European Public Administrations.