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Updated Framework - BRAIF - v2.01

BRAIF v2.01

Published on: 02/09/2020 Last update: 03/09/2020 Document Archived

What's BRAIF

The Base Registries Access and Interconnection Framework -- #BRAIF -- aims to provide guidance to Member States (MS) on how to grant access to data in base registries (BRs), and how to interconnect them.

The ABR Team elaborated this Framework in close collaboration with participants of the ABR Working Group (from various EU public administrations), through public discussions in webinars and via the ABR Collection on Joinup.

What's new

This version of BRAIF, v2.01, supersedes the previous one (v2.00).

It incorporates important feedback received during our public webinar and from comments via the Joinup platform.

The ABR Team also mapped the use cases shared by MS to confirm that BRAIF covers all related aspects for #BaseRegistries access and interconnection that are relevant to MS requirements.

What's next

The ABR Team still welcomes data management experts, policy makers and other interested parties to share their views on the Framework via comments on Joinup under this text, or send them via email to

Your feedback is valuable to us in order to verify that the Framework supports MS needs in various base registries areas.

Stay tuned - more events are coming!



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