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The Re3gistry is a reusable open source solution for managing and sharing ‘reference codes’, ensuring concepts are correctly referenced in INSPIRE, or for content in any other sector. ARE3NA is currently working with software users and Member States to make improvements and create a federation of registries for use in multiple information systems.

The Re3gistry development continues under the ISA2 ELISE action. Visit here the new space.

EIF interoperability level


MIG activities

  • Semantic
  • Metadata
  • Data
  • Data & Service Sharing

Work package 6 “Registers”


What is Re3gistry?

The Re3gistry software is a reusable open-source solution for managing and sharing ‘reference codes’ through the use of persistent URIs, ensuring concepts are correctly referenced in any domain.

An online tool, the INSPIRE registry service, was needed to share such the codes in INSPIRE’s reference

Re3gistry software logo
registers and make these assets available for not only information systems but also any sector to view and reuse as core material for data covered in the INSPIRE Directive’s thematic annexes.The solution powering the INSPIRE tool, the Re3gistry, licensed under the EUPL,  has been developed in a context neutral way as an open-source project, so that it can be deployed or further developed for any sector wanting to have authentic reference data/codes made available for information systems and human users.

The Re3gistry activities started under the Are3na action are now continuing under the ELISE action.

What Re3gistry offers you?

By using reference codes within the Re3gistry you can:

Re3gistry Screenshot from the INSPIRE registry service

  • avoid common errors such as entering synonyms or spelling mistakes when filling in online forms
  • facilitate internationalisation of user interfaces by providing multilingual labels
  • ensure semantic interoperability when exchanging data between systems and applications
  • they gain value when widely re-used and referenced




When is this solution for you?

When you need to manage and share reference codes.

Reference codes can be used in data exchange between applications to uniquely reference some ‘thing’. They can be used to define sets of permissible values for a data field or to provide a reference or context for the data being exchanged. Examples are enumerations, controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, thesauri or, simply, ‘lists of things’.

With the Re3gistry you can provide a central access point that allows labels and descriptions for reference codes to be easily looked-up by humans or retrieved by machines.

Furthermore, it supports organisations in managing and updating reference codes in a consistent way, so that reference codes do not change or simply disappear over time, but all versions of the code remain traceable and properly documented.

Get started

Software releases


Visit the Re3gistry page on Joinup or the Re3gistry documentation

Some reusers of the software

An instance of this software, INSPIRE registry service, has become one of the central components of the INSPIRE infrastructure and it is already used by several other EU Member States and other organisations (including from outside Europe) for governance of codes and encoding of geospatial data.


Name of the Service

European Commission

INSPIRE registry


Systém registrov ENIPI

Republic of North Macedonia

NSDI registry

European Commission

Geosmartcity registry

European Commission

ELISE Energy Pilot registry


Austrian INSPIRE Registry


Sistema di Registri INSPIRE Italia


Finnish INSPIRE registry


Registro Inspire de España

Private - Minerva intelligence

Federation of registries

ELISE is still improving the software and has supported the preparation of the study and the implementation of the “Federation of registries”, another missing item in the software market. This feature will allow registering extensions and other externally governed references codes so that they can be traced and reused by a bigger audience. 


More information

  1. Software releases
  2. Software documentation
  3. Re3gistry leaflet
  4. Re3gistry roadmap
  5. Register federation study - D.2 Final Report



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Report: Proposal for an INSPIRE Register Federation Architecture