INSPIRE Registry

The INSPIRE registry is an instance of the Re3gistry software

Why a registry for the INSPIRE infrastructure?

The INSPIRE infrastructure involves a number of items, which require clear descriptions and the possibility to be referenced through unique identifiers.

Registers provide a means to assign identifiers to items and their labels, definitions and descriptions (in different languages).

The INSPIRE registry provides a central access point to a number of centrally managed INSPIRE registers. It is based on the ISO 19135-1 standard “Geographic information - Procedures for item registration.

The ISO 19135-1 standard defines a management process to handle change proposals to the contents of the registry (which includes registers and register items). This management process involves a number of roles that have different responsibilities in the lifecycle of the registers and register items.

The INSPIRE registry governance model

In the 34th MIG-T meeting, the following roles were agreed for the central INSPIRE registry and the register federation:

  • Register owner: EU
  • Register & registry manager: JRC
  • Submitting organisations: One per country (MIG-T or other nominated representative), 2016.4-14/Thematic Cluster representatives , JRC, EEA and DG ENV 
  • Control body: Small group of nominated register experts 
  • Register user: anyone

More information can be checked in the Terms of Reference endorsed document.

Submission of change proposals

  • The submitting organisations submit proposals for changes to the register manager, who will process them and forward them to the control body for decision.
  • To keep the burden for the control body to a minimum, it is proposed to only consult it on major issues. Minor issues (such as correction of minor bugs) will be implemented directly the register manager (JRC). Since all changes are publicly documented, they are under public scrutiny.
  • If a submitting organisation or member of the control body objects to a change made by the register manager, the issue shall be discussed and resolved in the next meeting of the control body.
  • The control body may also “escalate” issues to the MIG that may have far-reaching consequences for INSPIRE implementation in the Member States.