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Ximdex is a semantic web based Content Management System (CMS) that allows a simultaneous generation of contents and services in different technologies (Django, RoR, PHP, J2EE, .NET, XML/XSLT, HTML5, ...) and for different channels (mobile, tablets, web, DVB, ebooks, etc.). As a visual platform for the management of Web Portals, XIMDEX CMS provides additional security, scalability and flexibility.

Ximdex’s “in the cloud” architecture, allows for true independence of contents, data and services from final rendering technologies (web, mobile devices, digital interactive tv, ...), improving the performance of systems, while easing automatic adaptation of information to any current or future format.

Decoupled publishing of your content guarantees additional freedom, security and scalability allowing you to transform it from the XML in the repository to final formats (jsp, xhtml, php, ...) or to sync it to distant servers in the cloud.

Its openness is a commitment to provide corporations with FULL control of information. Semantic technologies in use by XIMDEX CMS are coming from R&D projects focused, for instance, on securing scalable contents and the deployment of intelligent contents.


Release date: 09/11/2012

ximdex 3.4

Release date: 29/10/2011

ximdex Ximdex32_English 1.0.0

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